A guy knocked on the door yesterday and asked Sarah if he could put a sign in our yard because we won “Yard of the Week” for Lewisville

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  1. Frankie says:

    Did they have a film crew to catch him knocking on your door and Sarah answering it? And did she get all excited like in them Publisher’s Clearing House commercials?

  2. Jon Wright says:

    Congratulations! So there some guy employed by the city to go around and look at yards each week in order to select the best one? Did you get nominated by a neighbor? Can you win more than once in 30 days? So many questions…

  3. Derek Lidbom says:

    And I don’t know the answer to any of them. Maybe he doesn’t work for the city…maybe the award is not real.uh oh.

  4. Ben Strickland says:

    The sign doesnt read “Your home has been marked for demolition” does it???

  5. Scott says:

    http://www.lewisvillenc.net/committees.phpLewisville Beautification Committee Cathy Hasel- chairman 11/30/2007This committee was created shortly after Lewisville incorporated and charged with advising the council on methods for improving the overall appearance of the community. In addition, this committee selects the banners and Christmas decorations, helps with plantings in town square and along Shallowford Road, makes recommendations regarding landscaping at the Welcome signs, square and other public locations, conducts a Yard of the Week program during the spring and summer and each December selects the best holiday decorations in a residential and business category. The committee meets every other month on the 3rd Monday, beginning in January, at Town Hall.

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