12 weeks.

It hit me yesterday when we were talking about how there are twelve weeks until we are parents. No…wait…there are only twelve weeks until we are parents. When I thought “three months” I was OK with it. When I realized it’s 12 weekends, one of which will be Thanksgiving, one Christmas and one New Year’s…man….that’s not much more preparation time.

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  1. Jon Wright says:

    I know what you mean. My GigaPet once lived for 12 weeks. I was happy.

  2. Jen Stevens says:

    You guys will be fine…just remember that the not sleeping does NOT last forever…it will get better and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just take it one day at a time, and take it however you have to..do what you need to do to get sleep. :)We just found out we are expecting #2 in June! 🙂

  3. sarah says:

    that’s pretty sweet!

  4. Derek Lidbom says:

    Think of it as voters in America. As someone sits counting people to walk in to vote, let’s say they’ve set their standard high and hope to count 40 people coming to cast ballots. When they get to 25 people, they yell out, “25 and counting!” Then, 2 and a half people later, they yell out, “I only need 12 more people until I’m done!”

  5. sarah says:

    ok. so there’s a total of 40 weeks to be pregnant.when derek said 25 weeks, he meant that 25 weeks had passed.when he said 12, he meant there were 12 remaining. if i do the (simple) math, i can see that 25 weeks, plus the alleged 2.5 weeks plus the 12 weeks equals about 40 weeks.not bad for a math teacher….

  6. Frankie says:

    How did we go from “25 weeks and counting” to “12 weeks” in 2 1/2 weeks?And your wife is a math teacher?

  7. Frankie says:

    I hope you guys didn’t spend too awfully long on filling me in. It hit me what you meant about 1/2 a second before i hit the “post” button. Yes, i felt dumb.

  8. Micah says:

    Congrats…hope Sarah’s fam is doing well.

  9. Leslie says:

    We find it very exciting when it’s finally close enough to start counting down. We have 4 weeks to go and a lot to do.

  10. who knows, you could have an easy baby like Elise and not have to go through sleep deprivation…

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