Man vs. Wild

Man vs. Wild
Overall Rating: 4.5
Experience Date:Nov 10, 2006

Informative, fun to watch, strong masculine smell

I have been enjoying this show since its premiere a few weeks ago. Bear Grylls, an individual of evidently almost superhuman strength/stamina/knowledge/etc., goes from rough place to rough place and teaches YOU how to survive if you find yourself in these situations. I’m really digging the show so far, except for the occasional (alright, downright frequent) melodrama.
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  1. Julie Molloy says:

    This show is amazing, except you’re right about the dramatics, but I think it’s what makes the show funny and you got to admit, if you were doing a one-man show, you might have to add a little drama once in a while.

    I mean, the man bites heads off of snakes, and scales one hundred foot trees, and bites fish in half right after he pulls them out of the water…

    .. it’s a good thing he was in the foreign legion.

    Tonight, 9 o’clock, I’ll be watching the Discovery Channel.

    I love this show.
    And Ben Folds.
    The end.

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