Isaac Timothy is here

Yesterday at 12:19pm, 7lb. 14oz. Isaac Timothy (not I.T.) Lidbom was born. We are excited (and very very tired)! More pictures when I figure out how to handle pictures on this site.

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10 Responses to Isaac Timothy is here

  1. Jon says:

    Congratulations again!!!

  2. Brad R says:


  3. grk says:

    Hot Dang! Welcome to the world little Bom. Can’t wait to meet you.

  4. Jon Wright says:


  5. Leslie says:

    Welcome to the world of parenting. The sleep deprivation gets easier to handle as the weeks go by. Hang in there.

  6. Blake says:

    Word dog, I will try to call him Isaac, but it is going to be tough to not call him I.T.

  7. Jeremy says:


  8. Jena Penner says:

    That is the cutest baby I have seen since my kiddos were born. He is adorable and I am so glad he is here. I can’t wait to spoil him rotten… within reason of course!

  9. Jordan Jennings says:

    Holy moly! You’re a dad! Congratulations, bud.

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