The Christian's Daily Walk

I’m just starting “The Christian’s Daily Walk” by Henry Scudder. In the foreward by John Davenport, there are some thought provoking words about all believers:
“All that are regenerate are alike strict in these five things, at least. First, they have but one path or way wherein they all walk, Isa. 35:8. Secondly, they have but one rule to guide them in that way which they all follow, Gal. 6:15,16. thirdly, all their eyes are upon this rule, so as they are not willingly ignorant of any truth, 2 Peter 3:5. Nor do they suppress, or detain any known truth in unrighteousness, Rom. 1:18, but they stand in the ways, and ask for the old path, which is the good way, Jer. 6:16. Fourthly, they all desire, and endeavour to obey every truth, Luke 1:9, not only to walk in all the commandments of God without reproof, before men, Heb 13:9, but also in all things, to live honestly and uprightly, before God, Gen. 17:1. Fifthly, if they fall by temptation, Gal. 6:1, (as a member may, by accident, be disjointed) yet they are in pain till they be set right again. If they stumble, through infirmity (as sheep may slip into a puddle) yet they will not lie down, and wallow in the mire, which is the property of swine. If they are sometimes drawn aside by violent temptations, or step aside by mistake, yet they will not walk on in the counsel of the wicked, Psa. 1:1, nor will any way of wickedness, (that is, a constant, or daily course in any one sin) be found in them; they are so far from perverting the right ways of God, Acts 13:10 (that is, speaking evil of what is good) that they will justify God in condemning themselves, and subscribe to the righteousness of his word, praying that their ways might be directed to keep his statutes, Psa. 69:5.

I encourage you to read this and meditate on it. Oh yeah, and comment.

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