Vacation highlights so far…

If you haven’t heard, we are up in the mountains on our first family vacation. Here’s an update…

Day 1:

  • Food Lion for essentials
  • Walked around Boone (Mast General Store for some CANDY…5 pounds of it)
  • Ate at Cafe Portofino (we ate there previously with Chris and Jessie Dowd before we were married)
  • Ate dinner at Zuzda’s (an excellent tapas restaurant)

Day 2:

  • Up and enjoyed a slow morning
  • Turned down the option to walk around Grandfather mountain for $12/adult
  • Drove the extremely windy route from Grandfather Mountain to Blowing Rock on Hwy 221. Note to self, The Toaster (Sarah’s Honda Element) is quite un-fun to drive on mountain roads.
  • After the vertigo wore off, walked around Blowing Rock, fed Babyzilla some ice cream and ate lunch at Speckled Trout Cafe. I will not eat there again. I was disappointed with every element in my meal. The trout was good fish, but was covered with their “special seasoning” that was extremely salty. The slaw was un-good. The potatoes were plain. U suppose the tea was pretty good.

Now we’re enjoying resting while Isaac sleeps.

Things I have done on this trip that I haven’t done in at least 3 years:

  • Watched a full episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Took a bath
  • Ate some Easy Cheese (note: I don’t know what the draw to this stuff was when I was a kid, but it’s not there anymore), first ingredient: Whey
  • Surfed and downloaded on less than dial-up speeds (but at least we have internet access thanks to my dad’s generosity in letting us borrow his Verizon broadband usb adapter)
    • In other news, I think I have forgotten how to sit down and take time to be intentional and relax…more on that later maybe.

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  1. Chris Dowd says:

    Cafe Portofino…..yum.

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