Facebook tips

Here are some tips for facebook (if you insist on continuing to use it).  These work currently, but who knows how they’ll change their opt-out/in process and data collection in the near future:

Most secure:

  1. Don’t use facebook
  2. Deactivate your account there
  3. Try to contact them and get them to agree to remove all your information
  4. EXTRA CREDIT: Contact them and tell them your account was the account of a 12 year old who lied and ask them to remove any personal information per federal laws.


  1. Use one browser for facebook and one for all your online purchases/transactions
  2. Use a different email address for facebook than you do for everything else
  3. Everything under "Least Secure" below

Least Secure

  1. Log out of facebook
  2. Clear all your cookies
  3. Login to facebook but NEVER click the "remember me" checkbox
  4. Click the profile link in the header
  5. look through all the settings and restrict them to sharing the least information you think you can get away with (IMPORTANT NOTE: Click on "External Websites" and you can set up settings for sites that are allowed to send "stories" to your profile.  If you don’t have any there, rejoice and stop using facebook.  If you have some there, try modifying the settings so that they don’t send stories to facebook.  Note that you should visit this page often.)
  6. Download the Block Site add-on for firefox here, go into the add-ins options for Block Site and enter http://*facebook.com/beacon/* (who knows when that will change though)
  7. Sleep with one eye open out of fear

That’s all I’ve got…feel free to add more.

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