Zen and the Art of Refrigerator Maintenance

Somehow, both of our refrigerators managed to start leaking water from the front of the freezer within a week of each other.  I investigated and it appears that enough ice has collected along the bottom of the freezer that it had started freezing out of the door and then thawing into water.  I fixed the one upstairs this morning and then when we got back from grocery shopping there was a stream of water going across the garage floor.  So, I got out my leatherman and began to pound on the ice in the downstairs freezer.  I don’t remember my parents having to do this growing up…does anyone know how to keep from having to do this occasionally?  Also, today I got to take apart our garbage disposal to un-jam it.  Hopefully it will stay fixed.

Oh yeah, there was a lot of ice in the downstairs freezer.  Click below to see more pictures:


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  1. bitsas says:

    I had to do a similar thing. The tube that connects the defrost water to the pan underneath got clogged and would fill our fridge with water. A full beach towel worth of water in a few days. I had to take apart the whole assembly just to shoot compressed air down the tube. I got this nice green globule to shoot out from under the fridge onto my knee. Fun times.

  2. MOdcam says:

    Mom n’ Dad had to do it too – same model as Derek has. We fought it twice and then called the Maytag repair man. $55 later – problem solved – never to return again. Good thing – the Maytag repair man died.

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