DUN with the Blackberry 8830 and general coolness

It’s always a bonus if the smartphone that I have at a given moment can tether to my laptop for internet access.  The previous Treos that I had (650p, 700w, 700p) could do it, some with hacks and some natively.  But, like many things Treo, it was too buggy to be useful.  I haven’t tried to tether the Blackberry with USB yet, but it worked flawlessly with bluetooth and my MacBook Pro.  If you’re interested:

  • Pair the phone and mac with bluetooth
  • Setup a new modem connection (vendor: generic, model: dialup device, telephone number: #777, account name: [email protected], password vzw)
  • Click connect.

Awesome.  It’s that easy.  Glad I’m not trying it on Windows.  Some bandwidth tests showed about 100kb/s, so it’s reasonable browsing speed.  I’m sure that will only increase as the EVDO network expands.

As for coolness, the Blackberry 8830 has sound profiles (ringer, notifications, etc.) for when it is in and out of the holster on your hip.  Yep…that’s right…it can tell if it is on your desk or in your holster.  That’s AppleCool.

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