Virtual Server woes

Last night we copied some virtual machines from one server to another and then powered them back on (after having shut the old copies down).  Keep in mind, that the only things that could have changed during this process are the MAC addresses of the virtual servers.  In the midst of that we had two problems:

1. GoodLink decided to stop sending/receiving emails to/from Treos.  But not all at once.  A few at a time.  Some hard reset, some wouldn’t receive but would send, some were fine for 12-15 hours, some said, "Press R to reprovision".  The only solution we’ve found is to hard reset and then reprovision one at a time.  Awesome.

2. An Active Directory controller decided to turn off outbound and inbound replication.  Thanks for telling us!  Very strange.  Using repadmin /options I was able to re-enable, but that is disconcerting.

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  1. Scott says:

    Yuck. Sorry that’s going on. Sounds like you’ve got solutions, even if they’re tedious. Hope all gets resolved well.

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