Wow that's pricey

I was checking out some support options for Apple X-Serves…wow.

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4 Responses to Wow that's pricey

  1. Bryan says:

    I wonder how many folks plop down their CC online to purchase $50K worth of support services without ever talking to a sales person? I would expect at least a few steak dinners from a sales guy before spending that kind of $$.

  2. Scott says:

    It is pretty funny to see a pricing schedule like on a pick list. What are you supposed to do, put it on your credit card?Here’s the description of Alliance. Presumably, the techs at this level are rockstars:Mac OS X Server Software Support – Alliance covers an unlimited number of enterprise-level support incidents across multiple locations for four technical contacts in your organization and provides one-hour response for priority 1 (server down) issues, 24 x 7. This plan also includes an onsite review by an Apple technical support engineer and assigns a technical account manager to your organization.

  3. Bryan says:

    Our software ( can be purchased in a similar matter, but a 10K per project fee is about the most we’ll sell through the web interface with a CC or by invoice (if the company has been approved for credit). Anything more than that, and we’re talking subscription pricing and lots of hand holding from our sales team.

  4. Jon Welborn says:

    For 50g’s i’d expect them to come configure it, be on-site for at least 200 business days and give me a new car.All joking aside, I would like to see Apple’s description of the “Alliance” support package. It MUST be grandiose.

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