Safe-sleep mode re-enabled after 10.5.2 update

Unfortunately, I’m not talking about a safe sleep mode for Isaac, which would involve less stress on his mom.

When I updated my mac to 10.5.2, it re-enabled safe sleep mode.  Safe sleep is a feature of OS X that has the mac write all of its memory to disk before sleeping…this causes it not to sleep for sometimes a minute or so after the lid is shut.  I don’t know about you, but the first minute after the lid is shut is usually the most dangerous time for my laptop to be writing aggressively to disk (on account of that’s when I put it in my bag or snag it up to go to a meeting).  Safe sleep is nice in that it allows you to put your mac to sleep and swap batteries or not lose anything if the battery drains COMPLETELY.  But, it also seems to cause all sorts of problems with slowness in waking from sleep, not going to sleep (and almost burning a hole through a bag), etc.

So, needless to say, I have disabled safe sleep again.  The article says you need to reboot, which is always a good idea, but I found I did not have to for my machine to disable safe sleep.

More interesting tidbits on safe sleep mode here.

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  1. Mark says:

    Why doesn’t your RSS feed have active links? 😉

  2. Michelle says:

    Thanks for this link! My macbook was getting quite cranky when trying to go to sleep and locking up instead. I went to school with Sarah – up at SUNYIT. I work at Capraro Tech! Thanks!Michelle

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