Capturing part of the screen in OS X

Thanks to Mark, I now know how to capture the screen easily on my mac.  Should have known this about day 3 in OS X, but necessity is the mother of knowledge, as they say…

First, from a terminal, change your preferences to capture jpgs:
defaults write type jpg

Then, you can screen capture from any app (assuming you haven’t overwritten the default global shortcuts) by using cmd-shift-3 to capture the screen and cmd-shift-4 to capture a selection.  If you choose selection, spacebar will capture the window your mouse cursor is over.

Screenshots are saved to the desktop.

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  1. Mark says:

    On that same note, you can also use:pngpdfin that command line to change the file type default.You can also add the ctrl key to the mix and copy the capture directly to your clipboard for easy pasting into an image editing program.Mac OS X, I love you!

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