I think Isaac knows we have a webcam watching him

funny stuff…

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6 Responses to I think Isaac knows we have a webcam watching him

  1. Brad R says:

    man. That’s a good idea. Will you guys help me get something like that set up in our house?

  2. Bryan says:

    Ha…I felt geeky when we walked into Baby’s R Us the other day and I scoffed at the prices for “video” monitoring devices. I began rambling under me breath about setting up a webcam that I’d be able to check from my WinMobile phone or from the couch on our Media Center PC and my wife just sort of laughed.

  3. Jon Wright says:

    Yes, but do you know he has a webcam watching YOU???

  4. Jeremy says:

    In NC, don’t both parties need to know that they’re being recorded?

  5. El Gray says:

    Can’t sleep… clown’ll eat me… can’t sleep…

  6. Derek Lidbom says:

    That’s the point of my post…he DOES KNOW he’s being recorded…

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