Agitator Dogs

The agitator in our clothes washer (the thing that pushes the clothes all around) recently quit agitating.

Armed with my trusty new(ish) Sears tools, I set to doing what I do…taking stuff apart to understand it.

I got to the agitator bolt by prying some stuff off and then undid the bolt that keeps it on.  Pulling it off, I saw that there were worn pieces of rubber with “barbs” that would usually allow the one-way ratcheting action of the agitator.  I attempted to push them out against the inside of the agitator with some pieces of a ball point pen casing and some plastic from a blister pack.  This worked for maybe a wash and a half.

Meanwhile, I googled and found out these things are called Agitator dogs (or dog agits).  I called a local repair shop, Sarah went and picked them up, and we are up in running.

I really like spending $7.99 on something instead of even a trip charge for an appliance service.

First we’ve had to spend on our washer in over 10 years.  Go Whirlpool.

I did, after the fact, find this useful page, in case any of you end up having to mess with this:

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