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I subscribe to around 30 (give or take) RSS feeds.  Some of them low volume (comments on my site) and some of them ridiculous (reddit’s what’s new feed).  I do get interesting stuff from reddit, but I wanted a way to eliminate the noise from all the flamebait/argument zealots.  Not that I don’t appreciate a good argument/debate/dialog when it is productive, but atheistic/evolution/etc. zealots on reddit don’t want productive conversation.  So, enter Yahoo! Pipes.  Pipes (like the unix tools of the same name) allow you to take various data sources, apply all sorts of transformations to it, and then create a feed with the results of that logic.  Unless you get into YQL (another amazing contribution from Yahoo!) or regular expressions, it is mostly moving around stuff in a nice GUI.

If you are interested in my Reddit minus zealots feed (which excludes items from the “what’s new online” feed that contain any of the following words: religion, Jesus, evolution, atheis[m/ist/istic/etc.], Christian), you can subscribe here:

Know that I might be modifying it occasionally to filter other things I consider ridiculous noise.

Enjoy, and let me know other cool uses you find for Pipes!

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  1. Jon says:

    Add “marijuana” to the filter…..the “discussion” over legalization on reddit is almost enough to keep me from using reddit altogether.

    Please. 🙂

  2. DrLidbom says:

    I added marijuana and nsfw to teh list to exclude.

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