Resuscitating the blog?

In all the web2.0/social networking giddiness, I’ve fallen into the habit of many others </blameshifting>

I update twitter/facebook occasionally, I use delicious religiously and I don’t post as many pictures from my phone as I would like.

Sarah does a great job of getting Isaac online, so I really don’t feel that compelled to duplicate her work.

I am a contributor on my employer’s blog, and we all know how much fun feeling obligated to write is, so my blog has been neglected.

It is almost dead.

But, I do come across things that I think are useful, and not as personal (leaving that to the tiwtter/facebook arena).

So, I am going to try to begin posting more info that I come across that I wish could have been found more quickly than I found it.  This means that the content will be almost completely skewed to the technology and religious categories.

Here’s to a last ditch effort to make this site useful again!

Feel free to comment if you even visit this site anymore </pityparty>

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0 Responses to Resuscitating the blog?

  1. Stephen says:

    I do–but I miss the good ole’ days of the huge photo collection…

  2. Blake H says:

    Let the links and thoughts flow.

  3. No reason for a pity party…I’m still here 🙂

  4. Brenda says:

    I read it, even if the vocabulary is sometimes beyond me.

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