That’s what I’ve felt like mostly for the past 4 days.  There have been moments of “ahh” (very very few, mostly following some sort of very cold moisture hitting my throat), many “unnnnhnnnnnnnnn”‘s, some “blechhhh”‘s and even more times where I clenched my fist at this virus as if losing my temper would help.  We’ve been a sick family this week.  This is the first time my computer has been on since Thursday night.  That pretty much says it all to those of you who know me well.  I told Sarah I ranked this as one of the top three worst times I’ve felt due to illness since we got married.  Don’t get me wrong, I have perspective and am very thankful this respiratory virus is the only physical ailment my family is fighting right now.  Knowing what others are going through has given me what I hope are much more mature ways to pray as I fight THIS STUPID COUGH.  Oops…sorry.  The kind doctor prescribed some hydrocodone-containing antitussive medication for me that should have helped me sleep well last night…and did…until about 3AM.  So that’s better than it has been.

As some of you may know, I began work last weekend on redoing most of the wood on our deck.  I tore it almost all the way down and then got sick.  And this weather has been perfect the past few days for deck building.  I’ve been inside sleeping.

In my short amount of un-miserable time today, I went to Home Depot to return 11 deck boards I didn’t want (I had picked them out too hastily to try to get home to Isaac when he had a high fever).  I returned them only to learn that, in the week since I bought them, Home Depot had changed the company that supplies them with these deck boards.  New ones were 1/16″ thicker and 3/16″-1/4” wider.  After some help from the guys there, I made my way over to the Home Depot on University, which is a ways away, and started sorting through boards there.  With my criteria for boards-to-include, which is somewhere between Joe Weekender and Chris Bitsas, I ended up sorting through about 120 boards for the 31 remaining ones I need to finish the deck.  I arrived home a couple of hours after expected completely wiped out.

In other, good, news, Home Depot has cut most of their decking pricing down about 20% temporarily.

Now to sort through Google Reader and Twitter….sorry Facebook…

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  1. Sounds like you should stay home for awhile. Feel better! 🙂

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