Review of Ortho Ground Clear

Ortho GroundClear
Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Experience Date:Apr 17, 2010
Works as advertised, kills Bermudagrass

Appears to work for less than a year (although it is “up to 1 year”…)

More Thoughts:
If you’ve known us for long, you have heard us complain about Bermuda grass. Yes, in South Carolina it’s what all the lawns are made of, but I prefer fescue. Since we moved in to our current house, we have been fighting a losing battle to this weed (that’s what we call it anywhere north of SC. It laughs at roundup, and at one point I even purchased a weed killer with arsenic in it to try to kill it. I was scared to use that because of our dog, but wanted to use it because of neighborhood cats (I never used it). Anyway, before I write so much I have to change this review to a review of Bermuda grass, I’ll get on to GroundClear. It runs between $16 (Costco) and $22-ish (Lowes) for a gallon of the concentrate (actually 1.25 gallons at Costco). One gallon treats 325 square feet. I followed the directions exactly, including pretty much drenching the weeds with the mix, and, within 7-10 days, all the green evil it touched was dead. It has stayed quite dead for over 2 months. Go chemistry!

We had, embarrassingly, let some of the edges of natural areas disappear (I like to call it letting our lawn stretch its legs), so I stepped in for a GroundClear assisted demarcation. The brown spots are (obviously) what I sprayed:

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