Review of iCacti

iCacti iPhone/iPad App
Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Experience Date:Jun 23, 2010
Supports Basic Authentication, gives access to data needed, developer is responsive

UI needs some tweaking, need structured list of graphs (especially on iPad)

More Thoughts:
I found an application that allows access to cacti graphs from the iPhone/iPad. This is great if you need to login and check the trends of some stats on your servers. I have had a few emails back and forth with the developer, and he seems very responsive and willing to help.

My two beefs are related to the UI in general (you cannot edit an entry but only remove and then add one, if there is an error connecting to an instance, the previously loaded items show up but don’t work) and the method of browsing graphs. To browse graphs you choose a host and then have to scroll through the graphs until you get to the one you want. The developer needs to add a tree or menu of sorts so that you can quickly navigate to the graph you want.

On a related note, you will of course need either a publicly accessible installation of cacti or establish a VPN connection prior to accessing with iCacti.

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