What has technology kept you from today?

This is not about technology being bad, it’s about balance and priorities.

I’ve been doing some reading/thinking about the recent trends (in major Christian circles anyway) towards discussion of how the flood of data (in general) and social media (in particular) are affecting family and personal lives of believers. Of note recently isĀ Albert Mohler’s article on how the surface interactions of social media and the distractions of technology are replacing the real, intimate interactions that we as humans need. Also, R.C. Sproul Jr.’s thought-provoking article asking if Facebook is helping you progress in your sanctification or is being a detriment to it.

Another interesting set of developments related to technology and social media taking away effort we should be putting toward other things is the research David Rock has been doing related to the limited amount of prefrontal cortex processing we can do each day. Of particular interest (if you are indeed interested) are his book “Your Brain at Work” and his condensedĀ Google talk on the same subject. I find both fascinating. The gist of the concept is that we are truly limited in the amount of real thinking we can do in a day (it’s less than you would imagine), and understanding this should help us direct our brainpower appropriately.

My growing knowledge of how my brain works, accompanied by my desire to do what is right with the time I do have, are really pushing me to evaluate not only my allocation of time, but also my prioritization of it (and of course where technology fits in there). So, not really anything new to add to this other than to share it.

What has this blog post kept you from? (probably not as much as it kept me from, but hopefully there’s something redeeming in it…for both of us)

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  1. I actually find that technology aids my spiritual journey greatly.

    I use You Version’s Bible app on my iPhone to see what I should be reading that day using the reading plans. They are personalized for you so you can set the length of study and receive regular status updates so you know if you’re on track or not. For example, I’m currently on the Canonical reading plan which is a year-long adventure through the Bible from start to finish. I’m 12.9% through the plan which should wrap-up on May 9, 2011. Tomorrow I will read Numbers 16 and 17. Don’t worry if you don’t have an iPhone because You Version has apps for almost all major devices: Android, Blackberry, iPad/iPhone/iPod touch, Java, mobile web (mobile-friendly website), and Palm webOS. They also have a great regular website.

    Evernote, also available on almost all platforms, allows me to keep my notes in one place, synced between all devices, so I always have them available.

    I certainly agree that Facebook can be a huge time drain, but almost all of Jamestown United Methodist Church’s ministers have Facebook accounts that allow me to keep in close touch with them. And as far as being distracted, what better to be distracted with than TweetDeck notifications of events going on at the church or questions to ponder?

    Next up: Kindle for the iPhone. I can read Christian authors any time I have a free moment because my phone is always with me.

    Projectors in worship–visualizations during a sermon, when used correctly, can really clarify the message. They’re also great since you don’t need hymnals or to print bulletins which saves a lot of time and money.

    I understand where you’re coming from because I think a lot of people allow themselves to be distracted when they’re studying or worshiping, but technology can be a wonderful thing.

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