Consumption Diagram – v2011-08-07

This post has been a long time coming.

I started this Content Consumption Diagram back in February (when I was trying to explain all my methods of consuming content), and worked on it on and off. I’m still not happy with the way you interface with it (would prefer tooltips over a lightbox), but I have to mark it off my list and get it out there. The plan is to see how it changes over time (already has somewhat with Google+).

Here’s the gist of this chart:

  • Arrow colors are intended to correlate roughly to either the type of content or the app.
  • The upper left area is published content that I consume daily from various sources.
  • The mid left area is email/social content.
  • The lower left area is video content.
  • The middle area comprises the devices and programs that I use to consume content.
  • The upper right (Pinboard and Read It Later) are two applications I use to archive/save for reference.
  • The mid/lower right are ways I store books or other non-web reference material (that I consume).

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