Lidkid 3.0 – Hazel’s first ten days

We used the Total Baby app for Anna and now for Isaac to keep track of misc. stats. I have a much greater interest in quantified self (quantified family?) and data collection at this point, so I figured I would throw up a graph of the first several full days of Hazel’s life. The missing data on sleep for the first few days is because it is really hard to track what counts as sleep when people at the hospital are interrupting you to check on something every 15 minutes.

So, the more we feed her the worse she sleeps, or the more she sleeps the less she eats?

Notes: poop and wet diapers are not necessarily exclusive, so 6 poop and 6 wet doesn’t mean 12 diapers (but it might…but it doesn’t).

Second note: The note above is absolutely a sentence I would have never guessed I would ever craft about 10 years ago.

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