Carpet Dry Cleaning – Why did I never do this before?

We’ve had our carpets cleaned a couple of times in this house, but I recently did some reading on dry cleaning vs. steam cleaning. We own a “steam” (warm water) cleaner and have used it occasionally to put the facade of cleanliness on our carpets. Recently Angie’s List ran a Big Deal giving 4 areas/1100 sq ft. of carpet dry cleaning from a highly rated cleaner (A 1 Dry Carpet Cleaning) for $99. Since we have a new baby that will be on the floor more and more, I decided to have them come out and clean.

I met the owner (and only “field worker”) Miguel who is awesome. I highly recommend the company an am a complete dry clean convert. When he was working, I asked lots of questions and noted his cleaning agents, etc. Sarah was really happy with the way the carpet cleaning turned out as well.

So, I did more research and ended up at Lowes to purchase Capture Dry Carpet Cleaner, Premist and a deck brush.

Yesterday I went to work in our much-neglected and very filthy basement stairway with the philosophy that I would like to learn how to use the stuff before I have to use it on our other carpets. I did a side by side to compare:


I know the after doesn’t look awesome, but this carpet is in bad shape. And also I have only the brush and not a commercial carpet agitator like Miguel has.

However, for the short term, I’m really excited that I have a new weapon in my arsenal to fight whatever the three kids throw at us as far as messes go.

A couple of tips:

  1. Per the instructions (regardless of what you think), start with a fresh vacuum bag
  2. Go light on the premist or the cleaner will cake up


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2 Responses to Carpet Dry Cleaning – Why did I never do this before?

  1. Joe Martinez says:

    Nice blog post brother, being a new home owner I was beginning to worry about upkeep. I am excited to try this out on my trouble spots.

  2. Brenda says:

    Great job! Let me know if you need more spots to practice on… I have a few.

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