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Review of Ortho Ground Clear

Ortho GroundClear Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Experience Date:Apr 17, 2010 Good: Works as advertised, kills Bermudagrass Bad: Appears to work for less than a year (although it is “up to 1 year”…) More Thoughts: If you’ve known us … Continue reading

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What has technology kept you from today?

This is not about technology being bad, it’s about balance and priorities. I’ve been doing some reading/thinking about the recent trends (in major Christian circles anyway) towards discussion of how the flood of data (in general) and social media (in … Continue reading

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Review of iCacti

iCacti iPhone/iPad App Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Experience Date:Jun 23, 2010 Good: Supports Basic Authentication, gives access to data needed, developer is responsive Bad: UI needs some tweaking, need structured list of graphs (especially on iPad) More Thoughts: … Continue reading

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iPhone IOS 4 offers better device security

IOS 4 on your iPhone can now protect (with your passcode) the encryption keys used to protect your data (Apple KB, which I also used the image for this post from,¬†here). This, along with the option for stronger passcodes (not … Continue reading

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Girard’s Blue Cheese Vinaigrette

Girard’s Blue Cheese Vinaigrette Overall Rating: 4 Experience Date:Jun 10, 2010 Good: Very tasty, unique Bad: Expensive This dressing was on sale at Lowes during a recent shopping trip, and I usually like Girard’s dressings, so I picked it up. … Continue reading

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Skittles Gum

Skittles GumOverall Rating: 4 Experience Date:Nov 01, 2004 Good:Tastes like skittles but is gum Bad:expensive, not widely available Sarah loves skittles, so I pick these up whenever I see them. They taste just like skittles, but are gum (of a … Continue reading

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Chrome/Chromium view source does not show entire source

Using Chrome, I was working on a script that was generating an almost-xml (WXR export) document and outputting it to the web browser. From there, I was copying and pasting the results of the View page source command into a … Continue reading

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iPad remote wiping nuances with Exchange Mobile Sync

I was doing some testing with remotely wiping an iPad (via the Exchange ActiveSync Web Administration Tool) today and was impressed with how quickly it wiped. From my preliminary research this is because it actually only wipes the encryption key, … Continue reading

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AT&T Microcell funness.

Just a head’s up…if you’re working with one of the new AT&T Microcells behind a firewall, you need to enable outbound ports 500 and 4500 UDP.

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Simple is lovely

Needed to quickly get a new shortcut out to a group of terminal server users on their desktops and start menus.¬† Nothing particularly complicated about the script, but it did the job: for /f “tokens=*” %a in (‘dir C:\Docume~1\ /b … Continue reading

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