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The Updated Curfew

It was time. I had enjoyed the ColdFusion hosting too long.  And it was becoming hard to maintain my cobbled-together code.  I’ve looked at blogger in the past, but it just didn’t have everything I wanted. So, I took the … Continue reading

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Ridiculous fast

Our RoadRunner connection is quite speedy.

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I <3 My Wife

Upon looking somewhat down this evening, I decided to ask my wife what was wrong… Me: What’s wrong? Wife: Nothing, just trying to figure out a math problem I can’t figure out. There you have it.

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Tontie game

I fell in love with this game the first time I played it.  Something about the keypad use and seeing what the next level had in store…Last night I finally got to level 20 (the last level).  Hooray.

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More fish…

I caught another bass and a northern pike today.  Here’s the pike.

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My feet were unexposed to deet when I was applying mosquito repellent.  The present I got was 27 mosquito bites that itch more than anything I can remember (yes, Scott, even the poison ivy from our "brush-clearing" expedition).

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…just need to fire up the grill.  Show with my leatherman (about 8") for reference.

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We’re here as a family, switching between spending time at the cottage and at Sarah’s aunt and uncle’s house.  It’s a good time, aside from the occasional monster break-downs and mosquitos. Here’s a pic of Isaac and Jake playing at … Continue reading

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I'm embarrassed to admit I just learned of this last night

The "Matt Harding" videos.  For some reason (my guess would be the cool story he has and the sense of world community it offers), I really enjoy watching the third video.   [youtube=]

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Much better than the airport seats

I’m hanging out in the USAirways Club in the LaGuardia airport.  It is much better than sitting outside…more quiet, better views of the aircraft, tvs you can control, free snacks and drinks.  Not a bad place to get a few … Continue reading

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