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What has technology kept you from today?

This is not about technology being bad, it’s about balance and priorities. I’ve been doing some reading/thinking about the recent trends (in major Christian circles anyway) towards discussion of how the flood of data (in general) and social media (in … Continue reading

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College meditation room is becoming muslim-only

This is an interesting article. Read it here

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God and hate

Answer fast, because I’m posting more this week. Does God hate the reprobate/unregenerate/unsaved/habitually sinful? What is his disposition towards them based on Scripture?

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Christian Music Industry

I was thinking today…should the Christian Music Industry even exist? Should praise and worship music be profited from at all? Are there problems with this model (other than the subjective possibility that someone might “sell out” and become money-driven)? So … Continue reading

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The Christian's Daily Walk

I’m just starting “The Christian’s Daily Walk” by Henry Scudder. In the foreward by John Davenport, there are some thought provoking words about all believers:“All that are regenerate are alike strict in these five things, at least. First, they have … Continue reading

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What is required for Salvation?

OK…it’s time for all the believers on this site to speak up. I’m really interested in your input. Here’s the question:What is required (beliefs/actions) for salvation? Here’s the clarification:1. I’m looking for things required from man’s point of view…not answers … Continue reading

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From the Phone: Reformed Teddy Bear

Available at Target for $3.99 Click here to see the full size picture.

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Infinite Grace?

Do you ever have those times when you realize that your theology no longer lines up with songs you used to sing? Songs you currrently sing?I was thinking this morning about the words to “Grace Greater Than Our Sin”. It … Continue reading

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From the Phone: Tonight’s reading.

I’m sitting down to try to work through this short book this evening. I’ve tried to read it a few pages here and there, but I think I just need to sit with it for a couple of hours (even … Continue reading

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Most Compelling Reason to Believe

To those of you who are Christians: What is your most compelling reason to believe Christ is who He said He was?

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