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iPhone IOS 4 offers better device security

IOS 4 on your iPhone can now protect (with your passcode) the encryption keys used to protect your data (Apple KB, which I also used the image for this post from,¬†here). This, along with the option for stronger passcodes (not … Continue reading

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When will they learn?

Facebook accidentally publicly revealed personal information about its members, which could be useful to identity thieves. Earlier this month, the full dates of birth of many of Facebook’s 80 million active users were visible to others, even if the individual … Continue reading

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More letters

I passed my fourth GIAC certification exam last Friday.  Now I’ve got four more letters to put after my name (GCFW…GIAC certified firewall analyst). Excellent.

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Dolphin Stadium site hosting malicious code

Hack where the traffic is. smart

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New IE vulnerability

Not patched yet…look for an exploit soon. Lookout

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I am WORN OUT! Just finished up my last day of SANS Security Training in Orlando. Today was a fun day in class. We got to play capture the flag. Not the one where you run around and tag each … Continue reading

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From the Phone: Florida

I’m in Florida for a flurry of training. Updates when I can…it is 80 degrees. Click here to see the full size picture.

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365k patients’ data stolen from a car

Man. Talk about not taking necessary measures to safeguard medical data! I can’t believe it wasn’t even encrypted on the disks (not to mention it was taken home in a worker’s car). Ugh. oops

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Those of you interested in IT security (anyone?)…check this out. I saw it a few years ago and thought it was novel. Also thought I blogged it. neat

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SonicWALL Pro 4060 Firewall

SonicWALL Pro 4060 FirewallOverall Rating: 4.5 Experience Date:Jun 01, 2004 Good:Stable (once configured), cutting edge features, inexpensive for the feature set Bad:Unstable new firmware releases, tech support not security-conscious I upgraded a Microsoft ISA (2000) server to a SonicWall 4060 … Continue reading

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