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SonicWALLOverall Rating: 3 Experience Date:Jun 01, 2004 Good:Stable products once you get them configured, inexpensive Bad:Security outlook is flawed, non-stable new firmware releases I think the company has some problems at the core of how they look at security/support. I … Continue reading

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Busy busy busy

I’ve been sitting in intense training for 8 hours a day for 3 days now (on my fourth today). My brain is full. My body is figting the effects of too much unhealthy food (they pump us full of it … Continue reading

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SANS training

I’m in Las Vegas right now at some security training. It’s going to be interesting. The geek factor is REALLY high. I’ll try to post more updates as I can. We’re staying at The Riviera. There are hundreds of IT … Continue reading

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Well, the world didn’t end with the Code Red Worm, but a server I watch did have an escalated number of attacks on it. Click here to see the BlackICE log.

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