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AT&T Microcell funness.

Just a head’s up…if you’re working with one of the new AT&T Microcells behind a firewall, you need to enable outbound ports 500 and 4500 UDP.

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In preparation for the coming season

The Christmas season is almost upon us. -Christmas music -Traffic -Shopping for people I love -Decorations Yeah…about that last one. I inevitably have many discussions around this time of year about Christmas decorations. Specifically, nativities. And how I don’t like … Continue reading

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What QC? / Windows copy verify doesn’t work

We were hired to put several large files on some branded 2 GB flash drives. Naturally, the client ordered the least expensive flash drives they could get their name printed on. In order to give an accurate estimate of how … Continue reading

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How secure are your session variables?

I did some testing with Webscarab to evaluate the apparent randomness of session variables in the top 4 languages I have exposure to (ColdFusion, Classic ASP, ASP.NET and PHP). All except classic ASP appeared to be somewhat random. I would … Continue reading

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