Tethering a Blackberry with OSX 10.5.6

Evidently there are some pieces of Bluetooth that get changed with the Leopard 10.5.6 update.  One of those appears to break tethering to Blackberries.  If you have everything “correct” based on the number of other tutorials out there, but you get disconnected after 5-30 seconds of being connected (to Verizon in my case), try the following fix (you can use the editor of your choice instead of vi if you like, as the instructions below might get you in trouble if you make any mistakes and aren’t familiar with vi):

  • Open a terminal
  • Type sudo vi /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist
  • Type your admin password
  • Type /CCPEnabled and press enter
  • Move your cursor to the line below that line (that looks like <integer>1</integer> and place it on the number 1
  • Type r
  • Type 0
  • Type :
  • Type wq
  • Exit the terminal and reboot (I tried prior to rebooting, as everyone should, but still had problems)
  • While your machine is rebooting, marvel in the obscurity of vi

Thanks to:

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Cmd-Tab stops working in OSX

If your Command-Tab shortcut stops working in OSX, try the following:

  • Start a terminal and run sudo killall Dock
  • If it still doesn’t work, try killing ScreenSaverEventAgent (probably easiest for a novice from the Activity Monitor)
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That’s what I’ve felt like mostly for the past 4 days.  There have been moments of “ahh” (very very few, mostly following some sort of very cold moisture hitting my throat), many “unnnnhnnnnnnnnn”‘s, some “blechhhh”‘s and even more times where I clenched my fist at this virus as if losing my temper would help.  We’ve been a sick family this week.  This is the first time my computer has been on since Thursday night.  That pretty much says it all to those of you who know me well.  I told Sarah I ranked this as one of the top three worst times I’ve felt due to illness since we got married.  Don’t get me wrong, I have perspective and am very thankful this respiratory virus is the only physical ailment my family is fighting right now.  Knowing what others are going through has given me what I hope are much more mature ways to pray as I fight THIS STUPID COUGH.  Oops…sorry.  The kind doctor prescribed some hydrocodone-containing antitussive medication for me that should have helped me sleep well last night…and did…until about 3AM.  So that’s better than it has been.

As some of you may know, I began work last weekend on redoing most of the wood on our deck.  I tore it almost all the way down and then got sick.  And this weather has been perfect the past few days for deck building.  I’ve been inside sleeping.

In my short amount of un-miserable time today, I went to Home Depot to return 11 deck boards I didn’t want (I had picked them out too hastily to try to get home to Isaac when he had a high fever).  I returned them only to learn that, in the week since I bought them, Home Depot had changed the company that supplies them with these deck boards.  New ones were 1/16″ thicker and 3/16″-1/4” wider.  After some help from the guys there, I made my way over to the Home Depot on University, which is a ways away, and started sorting through boards there.  With my criteria for boards-to-include, which is somewhere between Joe Weekender and Chris Bitsas, I ended up sorting through about 120 boards for the 31 remaining ones I need to finish the deck.  I arrived home a couple of hours after expected completely wiped out.

In other, good, news, Home Depot has cut most of their decking pricing down about 20% temporarily.

Now to sort through Google Reader and Twitter….sorry Facebook…

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Chemistry at work

We (the geeks in the office) have made a few attempts at getting a fishtank to work here.  Not a desktop one, but a 100 gallon one.  It worked great for a while, then something happened with the cover we had in it (we think) and it went downhill from there.  There were many discussions and attempts to resuscitate it, but to no avail.  The ugliness of the tank finally required us to give up.

Over the past three weeks, Jon and I have tried it again.  Going through the chemistry class that is cycling a fishtank.  We were on our way to a nice tank and added some fish last Thursday.  Then, among the too high temperature, new fish added and substrate being stirred up, we started to get an algae bloom.  Not knowing how much more ridicule we could take (being the “nerds that can’t keep a fishtank going”), we, in desperation and after much googling, cleaned the filters and put in some algaefix.  Today the difference was amazing.

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Reddit minus zealots

I subscribe to around 30 (give or take) RSS feeds.  Some of them low volume (comments on my site) and some of them ridiculous (reddit’s what’s new feed).  I do get interesting stuff from reddit, but I wanted a way to eliminate the noise from all the flamebait/argument zealots.  Not that I don’t appreciate a good argument/debate/dialog when it is productive, but atheistic/evolution/etc. zealots on reddit don’t want productive conversation.  So, enter Yahoo! Pipes.  Pipes (like the unix tools of the same name) allow you to take various data sources, apply all sorts of transformations to it, and then create a feed with the results of that logic.  Unless you get into YQL (another amazing contribution from Yahoo!) or regular expressions, it is mostly moving around stuff in a nice GUI.

If you are interested in my Reddit minus zealots feed (which excludes items from the “what’s new online” feed that contain any of the following words: religion, Jesus, evolution, atheis[m/ist/istic/etc.], Christian), you can subscribe here:


Know that I might be modifying it occasionally to filter other things I consider ridiculous noise.

Enjoy, and let me know other cool uses you find for Pipes!

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Blackberry Enterprise Server Activation hangs at “Activating [email protected]…”

When trying to activate a new Blackberry device on a BES Server, occasionally the device will hang immediately after beginning synchronization.  I have read many troubleshooting steps to this, but the one that worked for me was to obtain the PIN for the device, and try to send myself a PIN message.  Once I had done that, the enterprise activation worked correctly.

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Deleting files in a text file (OSX)

Someone had a list of absolute paths of files they needed to delete. I sent them this tiny script to help them out:

sed ‘s/\ /\\ /g’ filelist.txt | xargs rm

Take filelist.txt, replace all the spaces with backslash space and pipe to xargs to run rm on each file.

This does not escape any other characters that might cause problems (like single quotes, etc.)

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Resuscitating the blog?

In all the web2.0/social networking giddiness, I’ve fallen into the habit of many others </blameshifting>

I update twitter/facebook occasionally, I use delicious religiously and I don’t post as many pictures from my phone as I would like.

Sarah does a great job of getting Isaac online, so I really don’t feel that compelled to duplicate her work.

I am a contributor on my employer’s blog, and we all know how much fun feeling obligated to write is, so my blog has been neglected.

It is almost dead.

But, I do come across things that I think are useful, and not as personal (leaving that to the tiwtter/facebook arena).

So, I am going to try to begin posting more info that I come across that I wish could have been found more quickly than I found it.  This means that the content will be almost completely skewed to the technology and religious categories.

Here’s to a last ditch effort to make this site useful again!

Feel free to comment if you even visit this site anymore </pityparty>

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Stock Rider FINALLY launches

Stock Rider, a game that we’ve been developing at Trone, finally launched today.  Jeremy Glover put a TON of time into it and was the lead developer.  Mark Rickert contributed more code, and Scott Scaggs and Taryl Fultz contributed design, copy.  All of us gave lots of input on the gameplay.  My primary role was in gameplay development.  It was a fun project and I think the end result is quite enjoyable.  Give it a try!

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The consumer profiling possibilities are almost endless

I can only begin to imagine the data-mining opportunities that are being made possible by the just-launched Facebook Connect Service. Previously the social networking sites have made it easy to destroy any privacy as far as personal information goes (sharing with the public), but it wasn’t very mine-able. Now there is two-way profiling between all of the partner sites and I’m sure it’s mine-friendly.


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