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DodgeballOverall Rating: 2.5 Experience Date:Dec 27, 2004 Good:Funny slapstick comedy Bad:Predictable, a little too long We watched dodgeball in Batavia over Christmas break. It was funny, but I don’t need to see it again. I always like watching Ben Stiller … Continue reading

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Polar Tubing in Batavia

Well, Christmas is over, and we’re in the lull. Lucy is doing alright up here…having fun in the snow. We’re completely off the diet (Batavia is just too yummy). Yesterday we bundled up (me in my new jacket) went Polar … Continue reading

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Patagonia Dimension Jacket

Patagonia Dimension JacketOverall Rating: 5 Experience Date:Dec 25, 2004 Good:Rugged, comfy, good adjustability, pockets Bad:Pricey if you don’t get it on sale, not waterproof (but it’s not supposed to be) I got this from Sarah’s parents for Christmas. It’s a … Continue reading

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Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon DynamiteOverall Rating: 4 Experience Date:Dec 26, 2004 Good:Hilarious Bad:Sad, Painful, Not much plot We watched this while we were in Batavia over Christmas vacation. The movie is quite painful. Napoleon is such a clueless loser as far as everyone … Continue reading

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White Christmas Probability

Want to know the chances you’ll have a white Christmas? Check this out. It’s cool to see the bands of weather and then over in the Rockies. Chances are good for where we’re going!

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Christmas Cooking

We’re doing all our Christmas goodie cooking today. The materials purchased so far include the following (scroll down to see the picture): 4 lbs. of butter 3 lbs. of vanilla icing ~1 lb. crispy rice ~2 lbs. peanut butter chips … Continue reading

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My growing To-Do list for today (a day off)

X Finish Laundry X Workout X Fix lights in hallway X Deposit Checks X Measure basement hallway for tile (and price tile) X Christmas Shopping X Look at fleeces/shells at Great Outdoor X Finish Out of the Saltshaker (audiobook) X … Continue reading

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The North Face Denali Fleece

The North Face Denali FleeceOverall Rating: 4.5 Experience Date:Dec 25, 2003 Good:Comfy, warm, can be a shell, durable, enough pockets Bad:Expensive, never go on sale I got Sarah one of these Christmas of 2003 so I could have hers. :-D. … Continue reading

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UPSOverall Rating: 4 Experience Date:Can’t remember Good:Worldwide package delivery, good timing on their higher priced services, less expensive than fedex (but not much usually), they employ a friend of mine Bad:Ground service is unreliable I’ve had mixed experiences with UPS. … Continue reading

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WinterOverall Rating: 4.5 Experience Date:Can’t remember Good:SNOW!, hot drinks, Christmas Bad:Static, the flu and colds, ice I love the winter. Especially since I married Sarah. Going up to Batavia every Christmas introduces REAL snow and my new family. I wish … Continue reading

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