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That’s what I’ve felt like mostly for the past 4 days.  There have been moments of “ahh” (very very few, mostly following some sort of very cold moisture hitting my throat), many “unnnnhnnnnnnnnn”‘s, some “blechhhh”‘s and even more times where … Continue reading

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Resuscitating the blog?

In all the web2.0/social networking giddiness, I’ve fallen into the habit of many others </blameshifting> I update twitter/facebook occasionally, I use delicious religiously and I don’t post as many pictures from my phone as I would like. Sarah does a … Continue reading

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We’re here as a family, switching between spending time at the cottage and at Sarah’s aunt and uncle’s house.  It’s a good time, aside from the occasional monster break-downs and mosquitos. Here’s a pic of Isaac and Jake playing at … Continue reading

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Happy Mother's Day!

To all you moms out there, but especially to my mom and Isaac’s mom.

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I think Isaac knows we have a webcam watching him

funny stuff…

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Safe-sleep mode re-enabled after 10.5.2 update

Unfortunately, I’m not talking about a safe sleep mode for Isaac, which would involve less stress on his mom. When I updated my mac to 10.5.2, it re-enabled safe sleep mode.  Safe sleep is a feature of OS X that … Continue reading

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Mr. Mischief

Sarah and her cake-making friends have made their third birthday cake in three weeks.  Here is Isaac’s cake.

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1 year old!

Today is Isaac’s 1 year birthday!!!

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Moving right along

Isaac is really REALLY walking now.  Wherever he wants to go.  He has abandoned most toys and is now taking the time to walk around an figure out which stuff he can mess with without getting a "no no" and … Continue reading

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It appears that Isaac is trying to say his name this morning…it is quite cute.  He’s also working hard on the walking thing…was doing laps around the table last night at my parents’ house and just let go and started … Continue reading

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