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Lidkid 3.0 (Hazel) and my Basis watch

Today (12/10/2013) at 11:20AM our third child was born…Hazel Grace Lidbom. She was 7 pounds 15 ounces and 21 inches long. Sarah will likely have a post up soon. In the spirit of general geekiness, I pulled down some stats … Continue reading

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Skittles Gum

Skittles GumOverall Rating: 4 Experience Date:Nov 01, 2004 Good:Tastes like skittles but is gum Bad:expensive, not widely available Sarah loves skittles, so I pick these up whenever I see them. They taste just like skittles, but are gum (of a … Continue reading

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That’s what I’ve felt like mostly for the past 4 days.  There have been moments of “ahh” (very very few, mostly following some sort of very cold moisture hitting my throat), many “unnnnhnnnnnnnnn”‘s, some “blechhhh”‘s and even more times where … Continue reading

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Resuscitating the blog?

In all the web2.0/social networking giddiness, I’ve fallen into the habit of many others </blameshifting> I update twitter/facebook occasionally, I use delicious religiously and I don’t post as many pictures from my phone as I would like. Sarah does a … Continue reading

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Agitator Dogs

The agitator in our clothes washer (the thing that pushes the clothes all around) recently quit agitating. Armed with my trusty new(ish) Sears tools, I set to doing what I do…taking stuff apart to understand it. I got to the … Continue reading

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We’re here as a family, switching between spending time at the cottage and at Sarah’s aunt and uncle’s house.  It’s a good time, aside from the occasional monster break-downs and mosquitos. Here’s a pic of Isaac and Jake playing at … Continue reading

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The long weekend.

My hands are tired.  I took down 8 leeland cyprus trees this weekend.  it felt good to be outside and in the yard working, but my body is just plain worn out.  That’s what sitting behind a keyboard all day … Continue reading

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Back in the game

It’s been so long since I’ve worked out in the shop.  This weekend I got back into it and started work again on the “bathroom pantry” that I’ve had going for probably 9 months.  I got discouraged when I messed … Continue reading

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Safe-sleep mode re-enabled after 10.5.2 update

Unfortunately, I’m not talking about a safe sleep mode for Isaac, which would involve less stress on his mom. When I updated my mac to 10.5.2, it re-enabled safe sleep mode.  Safe sleep is a feature of OS X that … Continue reading

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I finally got around to watching the first three episodes tonight.  I’m hooked.  Just wish I had recorded more so I wouldn’t have to wait between them. In other news, LOST starts this week!

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